Southampton City Council Bereavement Services


TimeMon 15-07Tue 16-07Wed 17-07Thu 18-07Fri 19-07Sat 20-07Sun 21-07
09:15     n/an/a
09:45     n/an/a
10:15 J. W. Gale ( F C Hughes)   n/an/a
11:00 J. M. Hambidge ( J Lawrence) D. V. Chamberlain ( Henry Powell & Son) n/an/a
11:30n/an/an/an/aV. Hayward ( J Lawrence)n/an/a
11:31n/an/an/an/aK. J. Hayward ( J Lawrence)n/an/a
11:45 A. J. M. T. Parker ( R C Payne (Bitterne))   n/an/a
12:30   B. S. Phillips ( B Matthews (Shirley))J. E. White ( Richard Steel and Partners (City Road))n/an/a
13:15     n/an/a
14:00    F. Maynard ( B Matthews (Shirley))n/an/a
14:45 A. Hurst ( J Beavis (Shirley))   n/an/a
15:30K. G. Keyte ( Co-operative (Bitterne Park))   L. K. J. Bradley ( R C Payne (Bitterne))n/an/a
16:15     n/an/a

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